Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trading Places?

Yesterday I received my very last blogging assignment for Compassion International.
September went way to fast which means the blog challenge flew by as well!

In case you missed it here are the links for this month's blog challenge!
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And for Week 4:  I'm supposed to write about what it would be like to switch places with my sponsored child, Melly.

So here it goes.......  Enjoy!

I wonder what it would be like to wake up in Tanzania.
And I'm not talking a super nice touristy hotel, I'm talking in the heart of Tanzania.
Living like the way the majority of the people do.

The sun comes streaming in through the cracks of our concrete house.
What a beautiful morning it is.
My neck is a little sore from the hard dirt floor, but nothing that a little stretching won't take care of.
I look down at my feet.  They will never be clean, I can't waste precious water them.
I have come to find comfort in knowing my feet will always have a coating of dirt on them.
It shows I work hard, and I am proud of that fact.
God has given me the body that can work hard for others.

As I walked several miles to get water,  I enjoy the coolness of the morning.
The beauty of the trees and the sun streaming through the leaves captivate me.
Then comes the walk back... it is not as pleasant, but I know how much my family needs this water.
I haul that heavy bucket of water back to my home so it can be boiled and nourish my body.
Oh water, how much we need it, but it is so much work to get it.
Some days, there is not enough to go around.  We really have to ration it out.
Even when I'm thirsty, I know I cannot drink because I have drank my portion for the day.
I remind myself to be grateful that I can lug a big bucket full of water... it could be empty.

Next comes time for me to go to the child development center.
There are meet so many wonderful people.
A beautiful piece of paper is awaiting me with my name on it.
Someone far away knows my name.
Someone far away loves me and cares about me.
My mom and dad don't even see me or write me, but these people from the U.S. do.
These letters uplift my soul.
I love my grandparents with all of my heart.
They take great care of me, but it is so nice to know someone else thinks of me.
I have my teacher read me the letter and help me write one back.
And then I will anxiously await a new letter to come for me.

We sing to God and dance!
We read stories of how He takes care of His people.
I have more than enough!  He provides every day for me.
I am so blessed.

I walk back home to tell my grandma about my day.
She hugs me tight and tells me she loves me.
We eat our rice and beans that my grandpa has worked so hard to bring to us.
Yes, life is good.
We sit around our fire and talk and watch the stars decorate the dark sky.

And as I close my eyes, I thank God.
He loves me.
He provided for us today.
I trust He will provide again tomorrow.

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