About Me

Well hello everyone, I'm Jami.

Why do I blog?

I've always been a writer.  Ever since I figured out how to make my alphabet with a pencil, I have been writing.  I would tortureserenade my family with songs I'd written and stories I dreamt up.  So now that I'm almost 30 I have decided that typing is so much more efficient then writing.  Plus it prevents hand cramping. 

For me blogging is a way to express myself.  We all have a voice. Some to a huge audience, some to a small one, but it's there.  And I truly believe God uses our stories and experiences speak to others in ways we can't imagine.  And so I write.  I write about things that are important to me.
I write not because I know it all, but because I'm learning as I go and this is a way to challenge myself to keep growing.

Plus I have met some pretty incredible women throughout the writing journey of mine.  So although it can be a pretty time consuming effort, you all make it completely worth it!
I am from Oklahoma but we now live in gorgeous Colorado!!

I married the man of my dreams 3 years ago.  I married my best friend, my partner in crime and the hottest guy on the planet. He is so perfect and loving and he's a cop!  Crap!  So that means I kiss him goodbye every night and pray that God brings him home in one piece.  Being a cop wife is challenging.  Building a strong family with a crazy schedule is hard, but I like challenges.  Recently he was one of the first responders in the Aurora shooting and that really threw our family for a loop. (Read more about that HERE)
So you'll find quite a bit about how we deal with the crazy lifestyle we lead.

Hubby and I got married and then a mere 6 weeks later we found out we were 3 weeks pregnant.  PANIC MODE!  Little Miss has turned out to be a perfect addition to our family.  She's got to be the coolest 2 year old I know and well motherhood is never dull!

I work outside the home part-time during the year and full time in the summer as an Aquatics Manager at Lifetime Fitness here in Colorado.  Swimming has always been a passion for me so if I have to work this is the perfect job for me.  I long for the day when I can stay home full time.  But for now, I'm lucky to work at a job I love, helping kids learn to swim and watching them learn to compete in a pretty fantastic sport, if you ask me.  I'm convinced I have a Michael Phelps and a Missy Franklin currently at my pool..... Give me a few years and I'll let you know.

Also, we have 3 Huskies!  Yep 3- and they are a pretty huge part of our family!




So allow me to sum up, my husband works a crazy schedule at a job where he enjoys putting his life on the line, his wife also works outside the home, and we manage to do all this without daycare.  Three Huskies and a 2 year old run amuck around our house but I really really love having a clean house, so basically it means I don't sit down until everyone is asleep.  I believe in building a strong family and cooking family dinners.  And I believe in writing it all down in a blog which seems kind of weird when I think about it.  But there you go. 

My life is exhausting, but who's isn't?   

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