Thursday, July 26, 2012

One Week Ago

One week ago tomorrow morning will mark the anniversary of what was such a terrible tragedy.

One week tonight, I went to bed and was wide awake worried about something
(This is not unusual for a cops' wife, though)
One week ago tonight, I prayed for something I did not know had yet happened.
One week ago, my husband informed me he wouldn't be home because there was a terrible shooting.
He said he was okay, but others were not.
One week ago tonight, I did not sleep very much the rest of the night.
One week ago, my husband was one of the first few officers in Theater 9.
One week ago tonight, he saw what will forever change his life.
One week ago, he was a real life hero and carried bleeding and dying people to safety.
One week ago, he watched as his fellow officer held the lifeless body of the little 6 year old.
One week ago, he watched as people's lives and families were ripped apart as people found out about their loved ones.

And then we all woke up to hear about what a evil man had done.
What he done to not only adults, but innocent children.
My brother and I sat on the phone the other day trying to wrap our heads around what could possess someone to do such things.  
We couldn't answer, and I don't know if we ever will.
All we could come up with is Evil.  This man, who's name doesn't deserve to be spoken, is evil.

I'm proud of my husband.
I'm proud of his fellow cops.
I'm proud of my fellow cop wives who have all banned together to help out our guys.
I'm proud.

But then it all hits me and I realize how many people have been affected by the actions of one man.
How because of him Mama's will never hug their children again.
Daddy's will never dance with their daughters.
Children will not have a parent at their weddings or graduation.
It doesn't seem fair.

But I am reminded that God is just.
He will handle all of this.
And I believe that good will triumph over the evil that has been done.
My prayer is our hearts will not be hardened to this.
My prayer is our hearts will remain soft even when it hurts.

Here is a picture someone took at the theater.
People say the cloud above it (not the whole cloud, but the white part in the center) looks like an angel over the theater.
Now if it is or if it isn't I won't know, but I know God has his angels around each person impacted by this.  Because in the end, He is Good.  


  1. Sweet post. Many thanks to your husband and his fellow officers:)

  2. This just reallt stopped my heart. This was all such a horrible event, but we must look to God for everything. I absolutely love the photograph. Even before you mentioned the angel, all I could think was "See...God was there." I think when things happen that we don't understand we assume God was out of the equation, but that is never the case. He's always with us. Even when we can't feel Him; He's still there.

    I thank Him for creating people with a heart like your husband's and those who serve along side him.

    *hugs & love*
    Ashley Danielle


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