Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Time to Come Together

What was supposed to be a fun and exciting movie turned into one of the worst experiences ever seen.
Numerous people lost their lives.
Even more were injured.
Families were torn apart- lives were forever changed.

My heart is heavy for those families.
Our prayers go out to everyone involved.

My husband is home and finally sleeping, for that I'm grateful.
However, what he saw can never be erased.
The people he and his fellow officers carried out of that theater will always be apart of him.

He worked along side some amazing and heroic officers, who put aside concern for themselves and were the face of hope for many scared people.

Please pray for everyone, victims, cops, firemen, nurses, doctors, anyone that was directly involved as they process everything that happened.
Pray for healing and peace.

I asked Caleb when he got home if he'd ever set foot in another movie theater.
He said eventually he would, but he won't see the new Batman in theaters. 
 He'll wait to watch it on DVD.  
Fair enough... I'll be waiting with him.

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