Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh September

Well September kicked my butt.
I told my mom that if we have another child with a September birthday, I'm going to just throw in the towel.
Caleb and Blake's birthdays are just a little over a week apart.
Her due date was the day before Caleb's birthday so I really should stop my grumbling.
It could have been a lot worse.

What did I do for my dear sweet husband you might ask?
Well, I sent my big tough cop of a hubs on a scavenger hunt for his present!
It was awesome!!  
He walked around trying to act so put out that his wife was making him hunt for his presents.
Oh it was great!  (and a great peek into our relationship dynamic)

Little Miss delivered the first clue and since I am a nerd and love to write, each clue was a little rhyme as to where the next clue would be.

And then off he went, to Blake's playhouse, the mailbox, the basement, the backyard
(Note:  Huskies love clues too and might demolish anything left within their reach)

 And then he had to call my Mom for his final clue...  this is his I'm excited but trying to act tough face.

Which lead him to............ THIS!
Yep it's an iPad-  this little sucker took me quite awhile to save up for without him noticing.

He forgave me for the hunt once he opened his present!  :)

Happy Birthday, babe!  Your girls love you!!!

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