Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Ungrateful Heart

Dear God,

Did You know that when you made us we'd disappoint you?
Did You know we would spend our lives challenging You and Your plan for us?
Did You know that the majority of us would live in poverty?
Did You know that the blessed few that lived extravagantly would be ungrateful and want more?

Lord, I have a house over my head.
There is food on my table every night.
I have a wonderful family.
We drive not one, but 2 cars.
We are in the percent of the world that lives extravagantly, yet I long for more.
Oh Lord, forgive my selfish heart.

As I fold the laundry and cook our meals, I find my eye drift towards the picture of the angel you brought into our lives.
There she is, the big brown eyes looking at us through that camera.
Standing on a dirt floor and in front of a concrete wall.
Her letters speak of a good life.
They speak of a wonderful relationship with her grandparents.
Never does she say, I wish I didn't live here.
I wish I had a nicer house, or carpet on the floor, or running water.
Nope, she is happy where she is.

She tells me of her Bible stories she is learning at her school.
She tells me how grateful she is for Your love.
She tells me she is grateful for me.  Me?

Who I am?
I am someone that battles an ungrateful heart.
As I wish I had wood floors so I wouldn't have to vacuum stained carpet, she is happy with concrete floors.
Lord, please give me that contentment.
Please give me the contentment that our sweet Melly has.
Help me fight this battle against this never content heart of mine.

I think You knew the key to being content is loving others.
Help me love this girl, not just through our money and our letters, but through our lives.
Thank you, Lord, for the amazing gift of Melly.
Thank you, Lord, for bringing me to You through our relationship with her.

You really do work in mysterious ways!

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