Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Faith of a Child

I had just finished my Senior year of high school.
I was going to be a Freshman in college.
Man, I thought I was cool.

And then my life changed.....
I went with a group from church to Honduras.
I saw life lived in a completely different way.
People lived with barely any food or clothes.
A small cement block with a door served as their home.
The hurricane had taken everything from them.
And yet, they were happy.

Kids ran in the streets playing soccer (football)
Families loved balloons and singing songs with their kids.
These people really knew Jesus.
They had to, they relied on Him day in and day out to meet their most basic needs.

It was then I realized how much I'd taken for granted.
I wish I could say this trip permanently changed my thinking.
I wish I could say that I never complain when something doesn't go my way.
I can't say that... but I can say, this trip serves as a reminder that I am beyond blessed.

I wish I could spend my life living in third world countries and helping these families.
God has not led me there, he has led me to Colorado, to be a wife to a great man and a mother to an amazing daughter.  He has led me a different path but one He wants me to live.
But I long to be connected to people across the world.  
So for almost a year now, we have taken our new honorary family member, Melly, in as part of our own.
We sponsor her, write her, 2x a month, her picture hangs on our family wall, we pray for her, and send her birthday gifts.  This girl has blessed my life!

She reminds me to slow down and enjoy what I have.  With each letter I get from her I am filled with joy.  How can such a young girl challenge this almost 30 year old to grow stronger in her faith?
I sponsored her because selfishly I wanted to help change her life, but instead she is changing mine.

I highly encourage you all as a family to look through THESE pictures, pray for these kids, and maybe even decide to bring one into your family!  I can promise you that God will work through the relationship you build with your child.  

And maybe just maybe, your life will change like ours did.

Melly with her grandma- wearing her new dress and shoes!

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