Friday, August 31, 2012

My One Minute Half Time Show

A couple of weeks ago, the hubs and I got free tickets the the Bronco Pre-season game.
The Broncos gave tickets to all of the first responders at the Aurora Movie Theater shooting.
Before the game all of the victims of the shooting got to walk onto the field while the crowd gave them a standing ovation.  It was a pretty moving site to see.

Next came the intro of the Broncos with our new quarterback that ALL of Denver is thrilled about, Peyton Manning.  This was his first appearance at a game so once again the crowd went wild.

We went with one of our favorite couples, Jason and Ashley.  (and their new baby boy!)  
Yeah Caleb and Jason are pretty close- a little to close sometimes!  :)

Good thing I love Ashley just as much.  If not we'd be in big trouble.  

My all time favorite date!

Then came one of the craziest moments of my life.  I got to be apart of the half time show.  At first I refused- until I discovered I'd be in a huge Bud Lite Platinum bottle and no one would see my face.  (I have a weird fear of being in front of crowds of people)
So I raced  waddled my way through our relay race, and lost miserably.  But hey it was fun and I impressed my husband.  I'm not just a lame mom, I can race in a bottle on the Bronco's football field....  not well, but I can do it!  :)

Ignore my husband's ever supportive commentary!  :)  
I'm the orange bottle that comes in very last!

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