Sunday, September 23, 2012


I wrote this blog on my old blog while I was pregnant with Little Miss.  This craving lasted the whole dang pregnancy!!!  So in honor of a new blog I am following I had to share this for her pregnancy link up party!  Seriously everyone should share HERE what your biggest craving was.  It could rather entertaining to read everyone's craving!!!

Please meet my latest craving, obsession, whatever you want to call it!  Wickles! I'm in love! It's basically pepper relish and I LOVE it! I really love it on my sandwiches (which are veggie with no lunch meat) and the other day I even put it on my shells and cheese for dinner.
When I found this wonderful jar I about screamed for joy in the middle of Walmart. It took everything in me to not call Caleb and wake him up to tell him of my discovery. But I refrained. And I LOVE this jar... in fact this picture makes me want to go eat a spoonful and it's only 10:00 in the morning. Problem? I think so!


  1. I haven't tried this stuff, yet. This sounds right up my alley though. BUT- I can totally relate to you wanting to do a happy dance in the middle of the grocery store. I actually did that today when I found a display of Count Chocula cereal. :)


  2. I have never tried this but it looks and sounds yummy. I eat a lot of veggie subs as well so this may be the perfect fit for me. I will be looking out for this! Thanks so much for linking up and joining in the Pickles & Ice Cream Hop

  3. This looks very interesting and yummy, I will have to try it! You sound like me, I get soo excited about food while pregnant lol. I feel like it's so much more tasty. :)


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