Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Home Unplugged

Before I start, let me be the first to say that I struggle with this.
Over the last few months, I have really felt God tugging on my heart to make some changes.

I have the urge to always be checking something on my phone or computer.
Whenever I sit down, social media woos me to check my email, instagram, twitter, etc.
It's an addiction really.
But I think it's a pretty common addiction.

I have really tried to limit my online time to times when the kids are napping, and my husband is at work or sleeping.  Basically, if there is an opportunity to be pouring into the members of my family, I have TRIED to make sure I'm not on social media.

I must admit, it's so hard.
I don't know why but it's so easy to check out and play on the computer or the phone.
But how can I build and sustain my home if all of my time is spent scrolling through the wonderful pictures on Instagram.  Yeah, it's pretty tough.

So I challenge you.... give yourself boundaries when having family time.
And if you are a rock start, and already do this, let me know what you do.
How do you set this boundaries?


  1. When I first got a cell phone in high school there was a no phones at the table rule. While that went out the window in college, it came back in full force when I got married. Maybe it's only 45 minutes - but that is 45 minutes with just me and hubs! I also started using my regular camera more - it encourages me to develop my photography skills without relying on Instagram filters to "pretty-up" my photos.

  2. Oh this is a major problem for so many. Including older people now days too. A few weeks ago we had my entire family over and at one point my husband looked up and everyone in the room was sitting their with a cellphone in their face. SHAMEFUL!!!
    At the beginning of this year I did remove myself from FB. I don't miss it, but picked up my new Instagram habit. Jessica (above) has an amazing idea of using a REAL camera. And I use to do this so much more!!! Thanks for mentioning it Jessica.
    And thank you Jami for this gentle reminder. The last thing I want to hear (and I have before) are my boys telling family and friends that I am always on the phone!


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