Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun

I haven't written much lately.  An explanation for this will be tomorrow's post.
But for now I thought I had to get caught up on the Halloween festivities around here.
And reveal my costume project that turned out pretty cute, if I don't say so myself.
It started off as a disaster but after some minor adjustments, it was a pretty big hit!

So please allow me to introduce to you......

Yes, she is the little girl from Monsters Inc.


Editors Note: I even found myself making a DIY tutorial on how to make this costume, but my phone decided to take a swim in the pool and well there went all the pictures.  I guess it wasn't mean to be.

Little Miss had quite the day.
Started off with a Halloween Party and Parade at school


Then we finished that night at the Harvest Party at church.
Where we even met Mike Wazowski.
The only time she'd put her hood up all night is when she took a picture with her church friend, Mike.



We finished the night off right with some Caramel Apples and some bounce house action.

Unfortunately, hubby had to work all night so he missed out on most of the festivities but Little Miss made sure to take EXTRA candy home for Daddy.

I love seeing everyone else's Halloween costumes. It's already inspiring me for next year.

Hope everyone had a great night and the kids have slowly detoxed off of all of the sugar!


  1. Aw she is beautiful! Thank you for coming and visiting my blog. I am a follower of yours now :)


  2. I have been looking all over for a Boo costume like this, or some tutorial. Do you still happen to remember how you made this? It's so cute and I am trying to plan ahead for this Halloween. My daughter will be almost 2 and this will be her first time out trick or treating. Can you visit my blog at and leave me a comment on any post if you can remember! Thanks in advance!



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