Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pictures Brought to You by Groupon

I love Groupon!
And here is why.....

Family pictures at a super fancy (aka expensive) place for super cheap!
Can't wait to show you the rest of them, but for now, enjoy these two.
And then make sure you check Groupon regularly for any more amazing deals... I sure am!


  1. those are some amazing pictures! I got your sweet comments and they totally brightened my day. I wanted to email you my response but couldn't find it :(

    Cant wait to see more of those cute family pictures!

    1. Emailed you and I think I changed my blogger profile to have an email tab.... Thanks for the heads up on that! :)

  2. wow, those are great groupon today was for eyelash extensions...I so wanted to do it!

    I have a weekend blog party going if you'd care to join up!

  3. Hello! I'm your new follower from the That Friday Blog Hop. Would love if you can return the favor. Have a great day!

  4. Just seen you on today's Sunday Blog Hop hosted by Danielle. Lovely photographs!

    Come around, sometime when you've got the time, and visit the world of ColdhamCuddlies sometime: we'd love to see you! It can be found at!

    I'll be following here too!

  5. What a sweet little girl! And how awesome is Groupon?


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