Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I've Officially Lost It

All right folks, hold me back!
I'm going to do something insane!
And not just slightly crazy, this is ridiculous.

This wonderful idea of mine could go one of two ways.
1-  It is the cutest, most adorable thing that you'll ever see
2-  The world's biggest disaster and you will get to mock my creation

So what am I doing, you might ask?

Well.....  I'm attempting to make Blake's Halloween costume.

Now you get it.  Anyone that knows me fairly well, knows that my desire to be crafty is actually greater than my actual crafting abilities.  But I still keep plugging away.  I'd like to think one day I'd get better at it, but if not, at least I can make people laugh!  :)

I can't share with you quite yet what I'm making but here are a couple of the materials I need to start my crafting adventure.

Now give me a couple of weeks and I'll let you know how this project goes.

In the mean time... here are some pictures of Little Miss's previous Halloween costumes.
At least I have a cute kid, so she could probably make my crafting disaster look good!  :)

 Our Little Ladybug at 6 weeks old.

My Pumpkin at the Halloween Party at work.

Hope you enjoyed this now I'm off to mess up make Little Miss's costume.

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