Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tough Mudder

A few weeks ago we took a family trip to Beaver Creek so Caleb could run the Tough Mudder race.
It was so much fun and I just have to share!

If you haven't heard of the Tough Mudder here is a brief snapshot of what all it entails.

It's pretty intense.  
And it's super hard here in Colorado because you have to factor in the altitude.
Trust me... it does make a difference.

I played the "I have to watch the kid" card so only hubby got to run it with his team.
Ahh shucks!  :)
So while they were getting muddy and sore and electrocuted (yes that is right) and dunked in ice cold water... well here is what Blake and I did.

Yep, we picked flowers and enjoyed a peaceful time on the mountain!  :)

We got to hang out with our little friend, Alyssa, and I think Little Miss enjoyed having a friend for the day.  We rode the gondola, played with horses, played on the playground and topped it off with a picnic at the top of the mountain.
That sure beats running the race... if you ask me!  :)

Not to thrilled to be held by muddy daddy!  :)  
But she was super proud of him... promise.

We had a great time.
Caleb did awesome, and is even trying to convince me to run it with him next year!
So looks like I'll start training right now if that's going to happen.  
Either that or get pregnant.  We'll see!  :)

After quite the eventful day, I drove us all down the mountain, back home.

And here is what my car looked like for most of the way home.
So peaceful aren't they??

Anyone want to run it next year?  You know you do!!!  :)

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