Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cheers to My Sis!

Yesterday my dear sister turned 26.
I guess I never thought I'd see the day that my little sis grew up.
Part of me always thought that we'd dream about our future for forever.
But now we're actually living it.
She's grown up and married.
I'm grown up, married, and have a kiddo.

Yep, our dreams have come true.
I love my sister more than anything.
She drives me absolutely nuts, and I do the same to her.
But she's my sister and that means we love each other despite the nuts part.  
And I'm the only one that can say she drives me nuts.
See that's the thing about the Jacobs' kids. 
We can yell and scream at each other, but an outsider says and ill word about another, and then we will all turn around and yell and scream at you. 
Consider yourself warned.

It's quite a beautiful thing, really.
I love all of us Jacobs' kids.  They are the best group of siblings I could ever have.
But God sure blessed me when he gave me my sister.
She's challenged me and made me grow in areas no else can.
Happy Birthday, Hooker!
I love you!

Now in honor of her birthday, here is a picture tribute to her.
(Please no judgement of the 80's hair do's)
You know you rocked the same hair proudly!

 Disney World... riding It's a Small World for the millionth time because that's Jacey's favorite ride.
And still is.... 
 Mama made us dress up in these ridiculous matching clothes.
Jacey loved it, I hated it.
But now, it's kind of cute... I always knew she wanted to be just like me.
Just kidding
 Welcoming Kaleb to our girly world.
 This would be the first of many kayak/canoeing trips.
All of them don't end so well..  
But they make for some great stories... maybe I'll share sometime.
Me off to college.
Leaving the good ol sis behind.
This day sucked, but then it became cool to have sister sleep over in the dorms.
My wedding day.
Only sister could get me all gussied up.
And was there when Blake made her arrival.
She hasn't missed a Big Moment in my life.
And I pray that I never miss one of hers.
And here is the Fantastic Four!
Jacey graduated and well what do you know.
It called for our standard picture.
Kade holding me, Kaleb holding Jacey.
What can I say, we're cool!

JB, I love you!
Thanks for always being there.
Proud of the woman you are!

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