Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Colorado Lovin

I'm from a very flat state called Oklahoma.
I now live in one of the most beautiful places, Colorado.
I still haven't adjusted to seeing the mountains everyday.
And honestly part of me hopes I never will.

Part of living in Colorado means loving the outdoors.
I crave time in the mountains.
The quiet, the beauty, it's perfect.
Well I think Hubs and I are passing on our love for the outdoors to Little Miss.

Here is my proof.

Yes that is correct... she is smelling trees.
Want to know why?  
So of course since my Mountain Man Father in Law taught us, we had to teach 
Little Miss.
And unfortunately now she smells every tree.
People think we're weird.
But I can live with that.

And just because I'm in a Little Miss picture mode, here are a few more from one of our walks.

"Shhh... I found a "hop hop" 
And you'd better believe she was enforcing the quiet rule with me.

And then we sat and stared at this bunny for a good 20 min.

Yep, life is pretty exciting around here... Bunny watching is our new favorite hobby.

Well we're heading up for a mountain trip this weekend for some more Colorado Lovin.
I can't wait.
Hubby is running the Tough Mudder, and Little Miss and I will be cheering him on.
Can't wait.
And of course, I'll take lots of pictures for you.

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