Saturday, May 5, 2012

Little Miss and the Sweet and Sassy Salon

Little Miss accomplished a huge milestone today.
She got her hair cut.
I mean my girl can definitely rock the Little Cute Ragamuffin look but we really needed some help with this hair.

She is supposed to be the flower girl in my sister's wedding this week, so that called for a hair intervention.
I, the responsible intervention leading parent, packed up said kiddo and headed off to the Sweet and Sassy Salon.
Side note on this place, it is seriously a little girl's dream. A Chuckie Cheese for girls!
Not only is it a hair salon, complete with TV's at each station to distract the kids from the sharp scissors that are coming at their face.
But it also has a little manicure/pedicure place and a runway for the girls to walk down after they get all dolled up.  After each hair cut they get a glitter hairspray and a sparkle tattoo put on them.  (I decided to not participate in the extra sparkle)  We were pushing our luck with just the hair cut.

Case and Point.  
Yep, she was thrilled!

 However, give the girl a couple of combs and Yogi Bear on her own personal TV and she sits pretty nicely so the stylist can work her magic.

Here are the after pictures.....

Yes, they even took a mini 1/2 inch curling iron to her hair and curled it all up for her.

And the best part of this whole experience in Blake's eyes was...

She got her very own, pink flower sucker.
All in all, very successful trip.

And then a moment of sadness realizing your baby is getting a little to big.
But at least her hair is looking good now.  

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