Friday, May 18, 2012

A Dining Room Makeover

Here is a before picture of my dining room.

It was awful!
That's what you get when you move into a bachelor pad.
I threw in some of my things, but it still wasn't working no matter how hard I tried.
So I made a few changes....
1-  Painted it a creamy off white color
2-  New curtains!
3- We got new dining room furniture from Caleb's grandma.
(I love furniture that has some history behind it)
3- And I HATED that light fixture- HATED it.  So I painted it, and added cute little lamp shades.
And voila....

So much better.  (Excuse the lazy susan in the middle of the table)
My husband is really a 5 year old trapped in a 28 year old body and LOVES this thing.
So yeah, it stays.  Pick your battles' ladies!  :)

Now let's talk about these curtains... these were my cheap find and I am in LOVE with them.
I started with these.  They were a little to short, and plain and blah!  
I do love browns in my kitchen but I needed a little something to make them stand out.

So..... I ripped apart my Target clearance curtains.
Yes that's right ripped them apart.
And then I sewed new fancy material that I got for half off to the top to make them longer and more decorative.
The fabric would have been a little to busy if I had just used that, but adding it to the top of my curtains seemed to do the trick.
And then of course, I just made a couple quick tie backs with the left over material. 
 I have to say I was pretty satisfied with the end result.
Now if only I'd thought to take a picture of each step then I could give you a step by step.  
But I didn't....  so you just get before and after pictures instead.
I know, I know failure on my end.

Well there is my DIY project for the week. 
Note:  I do a lot of DIY projects, but the majority of them don't turn out so cute.
But this one I was proud of, so I had to brag!  :)

Now I'm just looking for other cheap things to do.
I'll keep you posted on my next finds!  

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