Thursday, May 24, 2012

And the Medal of Honor Goes to.......

Last week the hubs was awarded the Medal of Honor.

I was so proud.  
I have always known he is a great cop, but it was so nice to see him recognized by his department.
However, I could have lived WITHOUT the situation that got him this award.
I've previously blogged about how I try to not think about his job.
In my head, he is walking old ladies across the street, and helping kids find their lost dogs.
It keeps me sane to think that way.

But then this crazy night happened.... 
and my husband had to be the hero and pop my perfect little bubble I lived in.

Long story short, a guy was holding a girl hostage and threatening to kill himself and her.
Caleb and his team went in, barricaded the car.
My dear husband VOLUNTEERED to break the car window where they were.
When he did, he had a gun pointed at him and another officer.
The bad guy shot, and ended up shooting the cop behind Caleb in the hand.
Yes my freaking husband almost got shot.
Then bad guy learned his lesson in a very tragic way.

All the officers were fine, until Caleb got home and then I almost seriously injured him.
I cried and scolded him and told him he couldn't do that again.
And then the police department TOTALLY didn't back me up and gave him a Medal of Honor instead.

Luckily, this incident was last year, so I had plenty of time to get over my anger before his awards ceremony.
And well, now I'm proud.  
My husband and his team put their lives on the line for someone they have never met.
I couldn't do that.
I'm in awe of my husband and I'm in awe of all the other officers who do this daily.
You are truly amazing and deserve so much more appreciation then you are given.

Here are a few more pictures from the night....

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