Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Answered Prayer

I sit here tonight and I'm so grateful.
Relieved, but mostly grateful.

We got amazing news from the Doctor's at Children's Hospital today.
Blake is going to be fine.
Cancer was officially taken out of the picture.

Let me back up and explain.
About 6 months ago, Blake developed a weird rash on her body.
We took her in and through tests found out she had a very very low count of a certain type of white blood cell.
We kept testing and testing and nothing was changing.

For a period of time, she was on house arrest, and wasn't allowed to be around anyone for fear that she'd get sick and not be able to fight it off.
And for a period of time, our doctor thought that something was wrong with her bone marrow, and something was attacking these cells.... Cancer.

Oh we were freaked out.  Although, prelim tests showed no cancer cells, her count was still not improving.
So off we went to Children's Hospital today.

After a couple of hours of tests and examinations galore, 
We got the news, definitely no cancer!
I wanted to hug the doctor, but I decided that was inappropriate so I hugged Blake instead.
She was going to be fine.

Yes, we have to keep testing her for every 6 months to watch the levels.
Yes any bacterial infection will require hard core antibiotics to treat.
But her body is making up for the lack of these cells in her body, and we will just have to wait and see if this is something she was born with, or if it is a temporary thing while her body fixes itself.

I've done a lot of praying over these last few months.
I've been working to constantly check the "what if's", and the worries.
And one thing I've learned is that she is not mine!
Yes, I'm her mother.
But she is God's child created by Him to do His will.
I'm just the lucky one who gets to raise her.
I don't know how long I'll have her, but I will enjoy every second I get.
And I will make sure I give 100% to raising her the way she should be raised.

And as I sang my girl to sleep tonight, and she kept looking at me saying, "Mama".  
I hugged her tight, and knew that God was taking great care of us today.
And I'm grateful.

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