Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coping with the Phenomenon of Male Sickness

There is a mystery I'm dying to solve.
It ranks right up there with government conspiracy theories.

Male Sickness.

You know what I'm talking about.
A guy gets sick and all of the sudden the world stops, 
they need help with everything,
and these rough and tough men become big babies.
Sound familiar?

Now if women get sick, we all keep going (with the rare exception)
We still have houses to take care of, kids to raise, jobs to do, etc.
It takes a very very bad sickness to get me out of the game.

Now I would love to solve this mystery.
Do women have a higher pain tolerance?
Are men used to being babied by their mothers when they were sick?
If that's the case, does that mean all girls were not babied?
I will get to the bottom of this phenomenon.

In the mean time, here is a list for my fellow ladies.
4 ways to deal with male sickness without killing your partner.  

1.  Send them to bed
When they are sick they lose all fun privileges.
This is not a get to sit around and play video games kind of day.  
After all their body needs to rest and you need to encourage them to feel better so they WANT to come out of hiding.

2.  Keep checking on them.
After all they need to know you care.
It is okay if you must wake them every hour to check their temperature.
That is the responsible thing to do.

3.  Make them sick food
Stick to the basics, soup, juice, water, toast, etc.
No fancy cooking here, they need the bland basics to help them get better.

4. Love them
Now if you do all of the above things and they still aren't getting better than that means they are really feeling very under the weather.  They might really be suffering of something beyond Male Sickness.
At this point, continue taking great care of them.
Maybe limit the trips in to wake them up and check on them.
But help them get better and if they get to whiney.  Shut the bedroom door.  That is why we put them up there in the first place.

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