Friday, March 23, 2012

A Tale of a Dress... a Dang Tutu Dress!

I made this dress...
And I don't make these kinds of dresses.
We're talking a froo-froo tutu like dress for the kiddo.

You see my sister is getting married and she really wanted a tutu dress for Blake's flower girl dress.
And of course, being the world's greatest sister that I am, I decided to embark on this adventure called tutu making.
It didn't seem so hard... tie strips of tulle onto an elastic band and you have yourself a dress.
So I sent the following picture to my sister.....

She informed me that the dress wasn't going to work on a paper towel roll.
Dang it!  
So much easier to pose a paper towel roll than an 18 month old.

So the next morning I sent her this....
(Forgive me for not taking off her PJ's first.)

So I thought I'd try again..
I told Little Miss how gorgeous she looked and she was a princess and I got this....
Even worse of a reaction followed by trying to rip the dang tutu off her purple PJ clad body.

Needless to say, Sister, went a different route for a flower girl dress.
And I am now stuck with a tutu hoping that one day she'll decide it's a fun Halloween costume.
If not, I'll give it to Sister and Sister's fiance for their future children.

In case anyone really does want to make a dress for dress up.   Here is the cheap and easy link I used to make this one.

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