Saturday, March 17, 2012

Going Green!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful, green filled day!
In honor of the day I thought I'd introduce to you to some of my new favorite "Green" things.

First off, anyone who struggles to get their kiddo to eat veggies... this is the stuff for you!
Introducing......... DYNAMIC GREENS!
This stuff just rocks.  Get the strawberry kiwi one and mix it with water, it tastes just like Kool Aid but it has all of the veggies and fruit.  
Not into Kool Aid- no problem?  Go with the chocolate one and add it to some milk.
Voila you have healthy chocolate milk!
And the best part, this stuff is all organic and super good for you.  I even drink it.

The other way I have found to sneak the fruits and veggies into Little Miss are these wonderful treats.
I found them at Target, thought I'd give them a whirl and these things are a huge hit!
Seriously, you hand her one of these and you would have thought you handed her the moon.
They have all different pouches and all of them have veggies mixed in with fruits 
But be careful, they taste GOOD and they suck these guys down!  :)

And last but not least....  BLUE AVOCADO
No, it's not the green avocado but bare with me here...

These things are the cutest reusable baggies and lunch totes I've ever seen.
Seriously, I love them.
Go get ya some.
Not only do they have the color green but they also help make it fun to "go green"
How was that?  Did I tie it in ok?

All right, so while you are drinking your green beers and eating your green eggs, make sure and check out these green things.  You'll thank me!

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