Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My proudest moment... in a sandbox.

Growing up I was a tom boy....  
Yes complete with a teenage mutant ninga turtles t-shirt, that was the stylin color of neon orange.  
I was cool... real cool.... ok, fine, not really.

My mom predicted I would have daughters and they would be GIRLY.
And after my mother's predictions were 99.9% accurate I was really worried, especially when lying on the ultra sound table (desperately needing to pee) I discovered, we were pregnant with a girl.

As my darling little diva grew, I realized she liked dolls, babies, and then came makeup and jewelry.
I shook my head and thought to myself..  "why is Mama always freakin right?"

Well then a couple of days ago this glorious thing happened.
Jewlery clad- Little Miss discovered our sandbox out in the back yard.
I held my breath and anxiously awaited what would happen next.
Would she think it was to dirty for her little girly self and walk away in disgust?  
Or would she say "Oh whatever, I look great, I'm digging in".  Pretty girls can get dirty.


She dove right on end and continued to play there for quite some time.
Shoes covered, outfit covered, hands a mess, but I didn't care.
She was not so girly after all.  
Yes she wore her necklace to play in the dirt, but that's all right.
She's proving you can be pretty and still get your hands messy.
That's my girl!

Well and then I had to cut our little "Pretty Girls Get Dirty Party" short.

She made the ultimate point and ate the sand not once, but twice.
I decided my point had been made and did the only responsible thing. I snapped out of my precious sandbox moment and pulled her out of the sand box for eating sand.
She cried and screamed, but I smiled.
I had visions of a life filled with yes jewelry, make up and shopping, but also, 
snowboarding, hiking, biking, sports, etc.
Because maybe my daughter won't be so prissy after all.
Just maybe......

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