Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kony 2012

I woke up Wednesday morning to find this picture and link all over everything! 
All over Twitter and Facebook and I was immediately curious.
I started the video thinking I wouldn't watch all 30 minutes, but I couldn't stop watching.

If you have not heard about this yet, I highly recommend you check it out HERE !

Following the media tsunami that was caused by this video, there were a fair share of attacks on the organization and their mission.
I'm not going to address these controversies, but instead I wanted to point out the encouragement that I saw after this video went viral.

If anything this video caused people to look "outside the box".
That box, where everything is comfortable, where we don't have to worry.
This does not directly impact us in anyway, but to see millions upon millions of people actually stand up and care for something outside of their comfort zone was, for lack of a better word, encouraging.

I just hope and pray that this helps us to continue to live with our eyes open.
Yes, spread the word about Kony and pray for his capture, but always look at those people we pass every day.  Everyday there are people that need help, that need a smile, that need to know you care.
Put down your phone, live in the moment and see how else you can change your world.

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