Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And the Basket Chirped

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter.
I know we sure did and now it's that highly anticipated time where I bombard you with cute pics of the kid.... I know you just can't wait.
And then maybe I'll just tell you about my Easter disappointment.

Well, Little Miss had her first cake baking tutorial with Mom.
It was more like she kept trying to lick the cinnamon and sugar, but it was fun.
Her status was instantly bumped up when she got to sit on the counter and watch me bake.
Then I let her lick the crumbs out of the pan after we were finished.
This is what happened, she grabbed the cake pan, wanting more.....  how can you resist that face?

We attempted a self-portrait which ended up in a candid moment because Little Miss thinks she's quite hilarious, and well, I can't lie, I do to.

After church, we took our pictures.
Most people do them before, but not us.
We were running late... shocking, I know
So after church worked perfectly.

It doesn't happen very often that we get a picture together since I'm usually the one behind the camera, but I made Caleb take a picture of us.
I was squinting so you can't see my eyes... oh well, I'll take what I can get.

And then we headed off to our friends house for a wonderful Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt.
It was GREAT.

She was off... holding the basket and after a brief information session from Dad on how to put eggs in our basket, she was a pro! Such a professional in fact, that on her first egg hunt of her life, she collected a cash prize egg... That's my girl!
Now I didn't buy this basket for Blake.
My mom did, so I was not familiar with the ends and outs of this.
But throughout the easter egg hunt, I kept hearing chirping.
So much so, I thought, someone had actually brought in baby chicks for the kids for Easter.
It wouldn't stop... and Little Miss heard it also.

I just knew that someone was going to whip out baby chicks and I was going to have so much fun with the little cuties.
I waited and waited but no chicks came out.
So Little Miss and I patiently waited and opened her easter eggs.
And as I was digging through her basket, my hopes were shot.
I discovered a small little sound box that was chirping.
No cute baby chicks, just a dang chirping Easter basket.
Aww man, maybe next year.

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