Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Being a Pack Rat Pays Off

A long time ago, my mother was having a garage sale.
A long time I go I rescued this little beauty from being sold for no where near it's worth.
And then I stashed it in a closet and never used it.
Until the other day....

I rescued this beauty yet again.
Yes, it's a bread maker!
Yes, my brother is going to text me about how lame I am.
But I don't care.  This thing is amazing!!!

I mean really.... it costs pennies to make healthy, whole wheat bread!
Okay now that I have made my point, I'll move on.

I found this wonderful easy recipe and decided to give it a whirl and voila, the most amazing homemade bread ever.

(isn't it cute?)

And then, after it cools, you cut it open to find this....

Beautiful, delicious, cheap and all natural bread.

So the point of this story is, it's okay to be a pack rat.  
You never know when you something you're saving might come in handy.
And that, my friend, is called justification.  

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