Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Oscar Rundown

I hope everyone enjoyed Oscar Night on Sunday!
I sure did,  I raced home from my lifeguard training so I wouldn't miss a beat of this.

Now I'll be honest, somewhere between Best Supporting Actor and Best Actress, I get a little bored.
But the I LOVE seeing what everyone is wearing for the occasion.

So me and my little family all made pizza and sat on the couch and enjoyed watching the show.
Here are my favorite looks of the night!
(these are in no particular order, just the way they uploaded to my blog)

This young Modern Family star, totally looked gorgeous!  I love the purple!
And even more I love that she looks elegant not young and trashy!  :)

Jessica Chastain might have been my favorite look of the night.  She looks AMAZING.
Hair and makeup were perfect and the dress was so perfect for her.
It was so different and beautiful and she totally stood out!
I'm starting to develop a small obsession with her after watching The Help!

Can this girl ever go wrong?  Michelle Williams always looks so wonderful.
Her looks are always unique and she always seems to pull them off!
Loved this!

First, I was thrilled to see Octavia win, but this girl looked good!
She's not they typical rail stick thin actress, but man oh, did she look gorgeous!
This dress was BEAUTIFUL on her!

Oh Tina Fey, you look so elegant.
That's all I can say here... she looked wonderful!

And Gywneth, let's talk about this.  I was not a huge fan of the cape, but the dress itself and the whole look worked and made it a favorite for me.  She always looks so natural and doesn't try to hard, but she always looks wonderful.

Ok who did I miss?  
Who were your favorites of the night?

Until next year, Oscars.  2012 did not disappoint!

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