Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Night Fun

There was once a time when Friday nights meant....
 Dinner dates and movies,
Night out on the town with the girls,
Romantic dates with my man,
Cowboy Lounge Dancing,
even working until 3am closing down Chili's.
But now my Friday nights consist of this.....

Making dresses!
Yes that's right I said making!
I made this dress!  Shocking, I know!
My dear friend who is cool enough to share my name and I made this dress tonight,
and I have to say I'm pretty proud of my first attempt at clothes making.

And we ate homemade Green Chili burritos,
and we did all this with 3 kiddos screaming chattering away in the background.

How might you ask did we do this?
It's called Ice Cream. 
 Give them all their own little bowl of ice cream and it buys you 30 minutes.
You see not only do they enjoy the 10 minutes it takes to eat the ice cream, but the 20 minutes after they are in a GREAT mood. Which happens to be plenty of time to zip the already pieced together dress through the machine.
 Ice cream, it's a weird, yet, lovely thing.

Now that I have gotten on a tangent about ice cream, let me re-focus......
My friday nights have drastically changed.
Now my hubby works, which leaves Blake and I come up with exciting Friday night activities.
Unfortunately she's a little young for the Cowboy Lounge Dancing, so we had to improvise.

I think we did all right for ourselves. 

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  1. jami you made that dress ??? for reals??? that is amazing im super proud of you


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