Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just Rambling...

Normally when I write, I have a point.
But today, I do not!
Today I feel like rambling.
So that being said this is more a post for myself than for anyone else.
Writing therapy... it's always worked wonders for me.

You know those super difficult relationships?  We all have them?  They challenge us to dig deeper, to allow God to stretch us to make room in our hearts for the strength to keep loving, even when it's hard.  Because that's what we are called to do.  Love!  
If I could say anything to these people this is what I say....

If there is one thing that I wish you could learn, it's that nothing you can do will take our love away.
Even if I disagree with you, I still love you.
Even though I don't need you, I still love you.
Even though I make choices you don't agree with, I still love you.
You don't need to put someone down in order to make yourself look good.
You don't need to lie and scheme to earn our love.  You already have it.

Life is not all about you.  People aren't out to get you.
God is at the center of our universe, not you.  Which should take some pressure off.
All you need to do is be.  You don't need to DO anything, you are already loved.
No matter how mad we get at you, we still love you.
No matter how many times you screw up, we still love you.

You don't have to perform for God's love and you don't have to perform for our love.
If only you could realize this, you could have the relationship you want.
If only you could realize how loved you are, maybe you'd just stop and enjoy it.
Relationships are tough, healing in relationships takes work.
But just take comfort in knowing that you are loved.

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