Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saying Goodbye to a Great Year

2011... what a year it's been.
I'm excited to ring in the new year tonight,
but before I did that I thought I'd reflect on what all happened in 2011.

I learned that I could still be a great mom and work full time.
Going into 2011, this was the thing I was most scared of.  It's been tough, but God has given me the strength every day to focus on what is important in life.

Along with working full time, and being a new mom, I learned having a happy marriage was possible.
Based on horror stories I heard, I really thought this year would be terrible for our marriage.
Not so much, it's been great!  Of course not perfect, but overall fabulous!

I learned it's okay to not be perfect.
I fail all the time.  I fail my husband, I fail my daughter, friends, and family.
But this year, God taught me that I'm not to seek perfection, but Him.

I learned the importance of keeping my identity.  
I'm not just a mom and a wife, but I'm still me.  I'm still being called to make a difference in this world.

We found a wonderful church that I love being a part of.

We've made a lot of great friends, couple friends, and individual friends.

We watched our Little Miss grow up this year.
She's changed so much and we've enjoyed every second.

2011, Thanks for all the memories, growth, and blessings you've brought this year.
Take a minute, make a list of everything you are grateful for last year.  
It'll bring a smile to your face.

Happy New Year.

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