Friday, January 6, 2012

Ahhh the holidays

They came,
They went, (to quickly)
but boy were the tons of fun!

I miss them already, and already can't wait until next year.
So I thought I'd post some Christmas pictures.

We all went to Church together on Christmas Eve.

Little Miss got all dressed up and had a blast showing off!

Then we started a tradition carried on from the Luallin side of the family and all opened one present on Christmas eve!

Then we all got up and opened presents.   The boys were not thrilled about getting up so early.
They got up at 8:30- it could have been worse!  :)

Little Miss loved opening presents!  And REALLY loved this sucker!  

She got a BIG red chair from Emmy and Papa.  And boy did she think it was the coolest thing ever!
Notice the scarf she got from her Grandpa and Rajni.... yes she is her mother's daughter!  :)

And then she opened up her new kitchen, which was a huge hit.

It was a great holiday.  Great to spend with family.

I was thrilled that my mom and youngest brother, Kade,  got to come out.
Missed the rest of the fam, but had such a great time with the both of them.

I hope your holidays were as great as ours!  

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