Friday, February 15, 2013

What Motivates YOU to Give?

I love blogging for Compassion Intl.
I love what they represent and what they do, and I love how their blog topics always make me think.

Every month our family has chosen to donate a very small portion of our income to help care for our sweet girl, Melly.
We love to make presents and crafts for her and in a way she is part of our family even though I have yet to meet her in person.
And in return I have developed a letter writing relationship with a truly special girl and met some pretty amazing people.

Then the question was sent to me,

"What verse Bible verse prompts and guides you to give?"

When I think of giving I automatically think of the poor widow who gave 2 measely coins. (Luke 21)  People judged her for that gift but Jesus was proud.  She gave more than anyone else because she gave ALL she had.  
What would it look like for me to give everything?  Honestly, the answer makes me panic and that's when I realize how far I have to go.  
We give a very small portion of what we make to Melly.  This doesn't make me a professional giver.  Honestly, it's not a financial struggle to give that every month.
How much of my money goes to building treasures here on earth?  I hate to say it, but a little to much.
I want my heart to be in the place that if God asked me to give everything to follow His plans, I wouldn't think twice about it.  But unfortunately I don't think it's quite there yet.

Now I'm not suggesting that the poor are the people who are living lives pleasing God.  That shouldn't be the measure.  For me the measure is the reaction in my heart.  

"If God asked ____ of me, could I do it, happily?"

Oh sweet friends, it's times like these I realize I am truly a work in progress.
It's times like these that I realize how grateful I am for a loving Father who loves me and guides me even when I mess it all up.

Today, I pray that we all learn to be responsible with the gifts God has given us.  I pray that we are in a place to give to those who are hurting and in need.  I pray that our hearts grow closer to Him and further away from our "control freak ways".  



  1. That is amazing! You are amazing! I will be talking this over with my husband to sponsor a child too.


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