Friday, February 8, 2013

This One's for the Ladies!

I'd like to think that my husband married a fairly even keeled little lady.
I don't have out of control emotions and am pretty in tune to myself.

Now this is not to say that I don't have the good ol emotional breakdowns or PMS irritability, because I do.  I wish I was perfect, dad gum it, but I'm not.

I don't believe in the excuse of "its my time of the month which is why I'm acting like a complete lunatic".  I'm a pretty firm believer that as women we CAN and SHOULD control our emotions.  Might be tough at times, but it is possible and should be done so we don't kill our husbands or families. (or they kill us)
*Note: I understand there are extreme circumstances and that is not what I'm addressing here. * 

But now I'm back to a problem area... PREGNANCY.  The emotions are a totally different ball game. And the poor hubby has to practice EXTREME patience.


Point in case, I specifically remember at week 35 of being pregnant with Little Miss, I lost my mind on my husband for taking a nap!  I was mad because sleep just wasn't happening for my big ol preggo self and I was IRATE that my husband could so easily pass out on the couch.

I did what any normal gal would do.  I felt the smoke coming out of my ears, so I grabbed one of the 3 huskies and made myself trek out on a 45 minute power walk around the neighborhood.  (this I'm sure was quite a sight, a mad, very preggo person, trying super hard to quickly puff her way around the neighborhood)
After 45 minutes I was still a mad mess so I walked in the house, slammed the door as hard as I could and watched in pleasure as my husband jumped up from his comfortable napping position on our very comfortable couch.  The pleasure of watching him wake quickly dissipated and I then proceeded to yell and cry about errr... his napping ability.

I'm not proud of this moment... in fact, I'm pretty embarrassed even though it is kind of funny looking back.

Well, I've been working EXTRA hard to control these preggo emotions lately and it's been tough.  I haven't yelled and screamed at my husband, and I've remained pretty mellow with my daughter, but I have let out quite a few snide comments and huffed and puffed around the house.  And I may or may not have sobbed inconsolably for 25 out of my 30 minute drive home from work last night.

So as good as I am about controlling PMS and other gal emotions, pregnancy emotions are NOT my forte.  So if anyone has any great tips on how to control the psycho other half of you while pregnant, I'm all ears.  I thought I'd be better at it for round two, but so far I'm not and I'm only 3 months in.


  1. This made me laugh (Sorry but it really did) because I know EXACTLY how you feel!! Do you have a gym membership? Getting out and just walking helped me and exhausted me enough to sleep too!! :) Hope it helps!

  2. No tips on pregnancy hormones yet, but I can see how chocolate can cure all things.

    I almost said chocolate and wine...Just chocolate for now :) Hope it all gets better soon for you!

  3. Oh I feel for you! Nothing like those pregnancy hormones. They are a different character altogether. I don't have a cureall but I found indulging a craving helped, or losing myself shopping or just doing something I really want to do at the moment.

  4. Aw, thanks so much for sharing. . .


  5. Hubby always blame PMS when I am upset about something

  6. My hubby and I don't have children yet so I can't relate to pregnancy hormones..but I can relate to PMS! But, like you, I do my best to control the crazy hormones :)


  7. Stopping by from Wifessionals link up! I am the same way realllllly evenkeeled but pregnancy is another game, I feel like I am on overtime controlling my emotions and thinking before I speak! Haha my only advice is a lot of prayer a little exercise and a good breakfast!

  8. Lol, this is SO me! I'm a nightmare right now too! I feel bad for my husband, but mostly I just feel bad for myself! Haha! Pregnancy hormones are no joke and I have zero advice for you, but just know I'm right there with you :)



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