Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facts of Me

What a better way to ease back into the blogging world than with a pretty fun little link up.

If you haven't done it... do it so I can read your random facts!

Fact:  I have severe crowd rage.  
Yep, it's like road rage only in crowds.  I ABSOLUTELY hate crowds of people and if people get in my space and I feel trapped, I slightly lose my mind.   Hubs has become a pro and dragging me through crowds.

Fact:  I do not drink any kind of caffeine.  
Unless you count green tea.  But I don't drink that very often and right now not at all.... apparently green tea isn't good for baby.  But I have a tons of energy and none of it is due to caffeine.  I don't know how this happens.

Fact:  I am an introvert in disguise
I am very good at acting like an extrovert, but really I'm a HUGE introvert.  Funny side note, Hubby is really good at acting like an introvert but he's a huge extrovert... ahhh match made in heaven.  Once you get to know us you realize this.  But I'd take sitting at home with a book over a big night out any day.

Fact:  I'm almost 30 years old and my mom still buys over half of my wardrobe.
Yes, this is kind of an embarrassing fact.  But if it were up to me, I would never change my style.  My mom is ALWAYS sending me clothes to try and I pretty much wear everything she says.  Thanks, Mom, for still being my personal stylist.

Fact: I'm deathly afraid of heights
I avoid ferris wheels like the plague.  If I watch something on TV where someone is up high I have a panic attack, and I cry hysterically when my cousin tricks me into cliff jumping.

Fact:  I hate being pregnant
I know I should change this, but I have to be honest.  Of course I love the end result of being pregnant, but the whole process is not my cup of tea.  So God and I have regular attitude checks to get my butt in gear.

Fact:  When I was 16 yrs old, I got chased in a mall by people thinking I was Britney Spears
Yep, true story.  And the worst part is I started signing her name for autographs.  People wouldn't leave me alone or believe I wasn't her so I took the high road and falsified Britney's signature.   Right then and there I decided I would never aspire to be famous.  And I apologize to anyone who thinks they have a Britney autograph.


  1. Oh how funny about the Britney thing! Sounds awesome that you're mom is your fun stylist, and sends you clothes, I wish that happened to me! Have a wonderful week :) glad you shared this fun stuff.

  2. hahah lovoe the Britney thing. After reading your first 2 facts I was like, this girl and me are like twinnnsies!
    My mother in law buys me half of my wardrobes too, at least she has good style:)

  3. awwwww too funny about the Britney thing! Your mom sounds just awesome! :D I am the same way with the introvert thing! Great list of facts!

  4. My mom is my personal stylist too,I never go clothes shopping for myself without her. That cracked me up about Britney Spears..haha

  5. Love these facts! Chased thinking you are Britney is quite a compliment! So jealous of your mom being so stylish, I am the one helping my mom out! New follower from the link up!

  6. We were made to be friends! Crowd rage? Yep. I actually cried once, when Tim didn't get me out of a crowded place fast enough. Not proud of it, but yeah ... it happened. I think this is why I hate malls so much. And Walmart on the weekends. No way, Jose.

    An introvert in disguise? Also me. I'm a homebody, and I sometimes have to force myself to get out.

    Heights? Not happening. No, Tim, I will not go skydiving with you. I won't even go INDOOR skydiving with you!

    I also hated being pregnant. I just did an IG post on that very thing. You are not alone, and I think it's brave of you to share!


  7. Okay, I literally laughed out loud at the Britney thing because when I came to your page, I thought "She looks like she could be a Spears sister!" Bet y'all were twins when you were younger!

    Just stopping by from the link-up!

  8. New follower here! I loved this link-up and have a post myself! and I am SO with you on "crowd" rage. I always think that going out will be SO fun but then I get SO annoyed and want punch people! (promise I'm not generally a hostile person) ;)


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