Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tis the Season for Giving

At a very early age, most kids learn that if they are good all year long, Santa Claus will reward them with gifts under a tree.  
However, if they are bad, they will get coal in their stocking.
My mom always told us, if we were bad, we'd get pink underwear for Christmas.
This was disappointing to me and my sister, but an outright catastrophe for my little brothers.

Let me first say there is nothing wrong with Christmas, getting presents, giving presents.  I participate in all of this and enjoy the Christmas season.  This post is more meant as a challenge to think just a little differently about the holidays.

I know that I tend to fall into the stressed out mentality of what am I getting everyone for Christmas.
My thoughts very quickly can turn into .....  "What if what I get them isn't enough?"  "What if they get me something that is more expensive?"  "What happens if I can't afford to buy others a certain present?"  You get the picture.  It's all about "Getting"

Instead of focusing on what we are getting for ourselves or getting for our loved ones?  What if we focus on GIVING?

I asked a few people what their definition of giving was and here is what I heard.

"Sharing what you have freely"
"The act of doing something for another without selfish motivation or personal gain"
"Giving is showing compassion for others"

There are so many definitions of the word "giving" but no where in there is a dollar amount mentioned.  I don't see anything about stress, nothing about matching another gift someone has given us.  It is all self-less and has NOTHING to do with us.

This year I want to make sure my motives are in check.  I want us to ask ourselves, "Why are we giving?"  Are we giving what we have or are we getting things for others that we cannot afford?

Also I challenge us to think outside our normal group of people we give to and think of others that have nothing.  Check out this amazing CATALOG.  What if instead of getting presents for each other we all get together and give?  I just wonder what Christmas would look like.

As we go through December, focus on how you can give back this month.  Last month we focused on what we were thankful for, now let's focus on giving to others because of how blessed we are!

Here are a few ideas to encourage giving this holiday season.
Shop here for your gifts to others and let your friends and family benefit from the gift of giving.
Focus on doing a random act of kindness for someone every day. 
Donate food to a local food bank. 
Adopt an under priveledged family that can't afford any presents this year.

Get creative!

Let's all make an effort to focus on the giving and enjoy this holiday season.


  1. Very wise and thoughtful blog. There are so many ways of giving that do not necessarily include $$ and presents. Giving our love and energy to others is sharing out blessings! Love to you, Caleb and Blake~

  2. beautiful post. just beautiful. my sister and I will have our children do a gift exchange this year for that very reason, so that the joy of giving and of picking out the right gift and of seeing the joy it gives to the one you share it with, well so that they are all a part of the gift giving traditions of Christmas.

    I'm stopping by from An Ephesians 5:33 Wife to say "hi" and to invite you to join for An Aloha Affair, a sweet gathering and growing together of creative souls. You are always welcome. Always.



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