Monday, December 12, 2011

The ever expanding butt!

So I've been slightly disturbed... has anyone seen this report?  

Our lovely rear ends can grow by sitting for to long!!!  
And not in the J-Lo, Beyonce grow kind of way, but more in the large unattractive kind of way!

I don't sit a lot as it is, hello... I have a 15 month old, and I work jobs that don't require sitting for long amounts of time, but this made me paranoid, and encouraged me to get my butt into gear. 

The holiday's are upon us and this what just what I needed to get my butt into gear.
I'm really working on making sure I get SOME kind of activity in every day.

Here are the latest workouts/fun filled activities that any busy working mom can do.

Workout while catching up on your latest TV shows

**This gal is all the rage in Hollywood and her DVD's are quite pricey, but never fear.....
Here is a workout that is FREE and you can do it while watching your favorite TV Show.

Clean your house!!!
This is a double whammie, not only do you get the heart racing but you get a clean house at the same time.  How is that for killing 2 birds with one stone?
Kiddo is down for a nap?  Pop in the iPod and really go for it.  Sweep, Mop, Vacuum, Dance through it all.  It'll be the best workout you've ever had.  And yes I have broken a sweat doing this!  :)

Take your kiddo on a walk/jog/run
Now if you really want the double whammie try taking a husky with you as you run.  You will get a killer upper body workout while you get your cardio in.  :)  
Don't have a husky, not a problem, adding another 20+ pounds to your run will REALLY get your heart going and get your booty shrinking.

Go get the mail

Ok you know I had to sneak in a pic of Little Miss.  :)
But yes, turn an every day activity into something fun for her and a great workout for you.  
Here in Colorado we have to walk a little ways to get our mail.  They have this whole community mailbox thing going.   Guess it's an easy way to meet the whole neighborhood.  
So I bundle up little Miss and trudge through the snow pulling her to the mailbox and then on a nice little walk.  She loved it (until I dumped her in the snow) and it was fun for me!

So bottom line (no pun intended) get creative with how you are going to target your booty!
It's hard to get to the gym but you live an active lifestyle will help keep those pounds at bay.  And I promise you will be a lot happier and a lot less stressed!

What other multi tasking workouts do you have?  I want to hear!

Bottoms up, everyone!  :)

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