Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pause for a Moment

Help Children Affected by Philippines Typhoon

Imagine wandering the streets witnessing the destruction of your town.  
Imagine hearing the cries and the feelings of hopelessness.  
Imagine not knowing the whereabouts of your very own children, your spouse, your parents, your loved ones.  
You don't know if they are dead or alive.
You fear that they are in pain somewhere and desperately needing your help.
My heart breaks!  

A Super Typhoon hit the Philippines.  It caused so much death and destruction.  Something that most of us will probably never experience in our life time!    The news is reporting that over 10,000 men, women and children were lost and many more people have lost their homes, food, drinking water, etc.  

I think when things like this happen we have a choice.
We can not internalize it and move on with our day, or we can stop and say a prayer for those people.
If we have the means, we can give to help those in need.

Today I ask that you pause for a moment.
Say a prayer for the people of the Philippines.
Pray for the mothers who have lost their babies, the father's who can no longer protect their missing children, and the kids who will now grow up without the love of their parents.
God hears our prayers and answers them.
And if you feel the call to donate to bring these people relief then you can do so HERE.

Editors Note: Our family chooses to support Compassion International in the work they do in times like these and to help those in poverty in other countries.  We feel that their money goes to where they say it goes and the relationships we've made with our sponsored child and other people has truly blessed our lives.  If you have more questions about Compassion or what they do feel free to visit their website for more information or send me an email.  I'd love to talk with you more about our experience.

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