Thursday, December 13, 2012

Anniversary Getaway

A few weeks ago the hubs and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary!
Allow me to brag, I didn't do a thing.  Nope, not one single thing.

Hubby arranged the entire trip.
Little Miss had her first sleep over with Nana and her cousin.
He made reservations at the most amazing little bed and breakfast I'd ever been to.
Great room, amazing food, beautiful views, hot husband.  What more could a girl want?

the only picture of us on our trip and I'm blurry... Boo!!!!

Sometimes, it's necessary to get away and remember who you are as a couple, not parents.
And that is just what this trip did, helped us be a fun loving couple.

There is something so fun about bed and breakfast inn's.
They are so personal and make you feel like you are at home.
Nothing is more peaceful, especially when they are tucked away in a small, quiet mountain town.

Let me introduce you to Arrowhead Manor 

Enjoy breakfast while looking at the gorgeous mountain views

Admire the GORGEOUS decor of this place.
Seriously, I love all of the dark wood and the beautiful light fixtures.

Now it's time to check into your room which has more than you could imagine.  Starting with a huge king size bed that is the most comfortable thing I have ever slept on....

Complete with your very own sitting area. 


(Excuse the fact that my husband can't live without football for 2 seconds.)

As well as your own personal deck with a hot tub that overlooks the beauty of Colorado.

I don't have to do much convincing because the pictures speak for themselves.
This was the perfect setting for Hubs and I to enjoy us time without the interruption of our lovely 2 year old.

So now, if you are looking for a quiet, romantic getaway in Colorado.  I highly recommend this place.


  1. It looks so peaceful! Good for you!

  2. Looks like you two had a great time! My hubby and I are planning to completely lock ourselves away in our house on Monday for our anniversary. I just want to order in food so I don't have to cook, relax on the couch and watch movies all day. :-)

  3. This looks absolutely wonderful!! Congrats on your anniversary!

    *I'm finally getting around to following from the iPad Mini giveaway--so excited to have the chance to co-host with you. :)

  4. beautiful!! i love colorado. so different than my home in georgia. what a wonderful getaway! going to have to keep this bookmarked.

    your newest follower from the ipad mini giveaway!

  5. What a gorgeous resort! So glad y'all had a fabulous getaway!

    Xo, B

  6. This looks AH-mazing! Happy anniversary and thanks for participating in the iPad mini giveaway :)

  7. Too funny ... When I first saw the photo of the exterior, I thought it was Maggiano's Little Italy! Haha!

    Ooobviously, it's not. And it's beautiful! Definitely going to have to keep this place in mind for the future.


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