Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Dreaded Day

Every year, us police families go through a major upheaval.
Ok maybe it's not like that in every department but here at Aurora PD we experience a yearly life change.
And well, today is that day.
The ever dreaded day........


Our guys go in (or wives) and have to bid for their shift.  Guys/Gals pick their shift in order of seniority. The old guys kick off the day with their posh pick of M-Thurs day shift, and by the end of the day all that is left is graves shift with Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday off.  To organize this process a beautiful white board with every shift listed by days off, time, district and Sgt. is listed so the guys know what is left when it is their turn to bid.

So here I am anxiously awaiting the hubby's courtesy call to find out which shift he's going to take it.
Side note:  any good police husband calls to check with his wife before officially taking a shift.
And wives learn to wait for that call to make sure they bid what the family needs.

He'll pick his shift and then begins the switching around of my work, appointments and child care.  Which is one of many reasons why Police Wives rock.

Wish us luck!!!  Let's hope it's a minimal upheaval this year.

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