Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Foods- Bowtie Lasagna

I've decided that it is only fair to give back to the blogging community what I have taken.
The last few weeks I have been in, shall we say, a cooking slump.
You know that slump where you cook the same ol things and nothing sounds great anymore.
In order to cure my cooking woes, I scoured blogs and found some pretty tasty dinner options to spice up our monthly menus.
So I decided that is was only fair to share these recipes with you since I did take them off of blog world in the first place.
A lot of them I tweaked, because that's what I like to do.  It makes me feel like I'm living on the wild side.
Also a disclaimer.  I don't have a lot of time for fancy cooking.  I wish I did, but I don't.
Most of my meals have the following common characteristics.

1.  They only take at the most 30 min. to prepare
2.  I like to try to make easy recipes healthier
3.  They are pretty family friendly so everyone will enjoy them.

So without further ado, let's kick off this holiday season with Friday Foods.
Every Friday, I'll post a recipe and if you have one to share with me, PLEASE do!
So this one is for all the lasagna lovers out there... except it will only take 15 minutes from start to finish!

Bowtie Lasagna 
(adapted from a Pioneer Woman Recipe)

 Start by cooking your noodles in water.  You only want these cooked al dente.
Drain and set aside.

 Brown your ground beef in a large skillet.
Turkey would also be a great option.. maybe even Italian sausage.  Just depends if you want to go healthier or more not so healthy but tasty side.  This one is pretty middle of the road.  :)

 Once the meat is cooked through add your noodles to the skillet.
(I like to drain the ground beef, but if you like the extra fat, then keep it in there.. no judgement here.)

 Drizzle about a tablespoon of olive oil on top of the noodles.

 Next add your marinara sauce.  
I used homemade marinara sauce, but pretty much any kind will do.
Add garlic powder, season salt and pepper... Stir it up and let it simmer.

Then throw in sour cream.  I only used about 1/4 a cup, but you can use as much as you want.
Keep in mind the less you use, the healthier it is, so just kind of test it out.

 I grated up about 1/2 cup of fresh mozzarella and threw it on top of the sour cream.

 Stir it all up until it gets nice and creamy.

Top with parmesan cheese and dig in!  
Easy 15 min meal you can throw together and everyone will LOVE it.
Plus the leftovers are amazing!  (if you have any of course)

Well there you go, folks!
And since I like to REALLY give back to my blogging friends.
Here is a recipe card with a simple breakdown for you!  :)


  1. I'd do that meal anytime - but Fridays! Fridays have to be vegetarian or fishy meals for me! Thanks for sharing it though. Know just how you feel about samey meals though - cooking for one is not as fun as doing it for more folks.

    As a new follower of your blog - via one of the blog hops, I've recently found out how to join - I'd appreciate your view on mine. In 2013 am thinking of expanding old posts to book size for kids. As a young Mom, would appreciate your views immensely. Don't hold back if you've negative thoughts: they're just as helpful as profuse positive ones!

    Thanks for your time - and my good wishes for the upcoming holidays.

  2. I would like to invite you to join me at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope you can make it!



    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick


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