Thursday, August 9, 2012

Growing Together

I always knew this would come.
In fact, I was so excited for it.
Now we're here.
Parenting has become so much more.
It has become more than feedings and sleep schedules.
It's now guiding.

Showing her how to act....
 Temper tantrums are not okay, 
Please and thank you are nice to say,
Potty training (oh yes), 
Meals are meant to be eaten not fed to your best friend, Zorro (Husky #2)
Sharing is good,
God loves you,
Use your words, not your screams.

This is just a brief run down of what my life consists of.
I had a moment where I just got plain scared.
My thoughts were screaming...
I only have ONE shot at this.
ONE - that's it.
What if I mess up?
What if I teach her something bad on accident?
What if we let her down?

Luckily our God is big enough to handle our fears.
Luckily He is great enough to let us learn to trust Him.

I will mess up.
I won't be perfect.
That's reality... I wish it wasn't.
She will mess up.
She won't be perfect.
But together we will grow and learn to trust our God.

1 comment:

  1. It's true - you will make mistakes and God will cover them. He is so awesome that way and our kids learn grace like this, all of us growing together just like you said. Enjoy the moments and don't worry about the mistakes (talking to myself, too)!


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